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Open a restaurant!

I’m an Engineer. I spent the first 20 years of my career working for Engineering companies. Then I threw that all away and decided to open a restaurant.

The Canadian Restaurant Association says that 1 in 3 Canadians dream of owning a restaurant. Which makes my decision understandable, if no less naive. Thankfully, it was the right concept in the right neighbourhood, and despite my lack of experience, the business did well, in fact, three years later I opened another one.

Operate a restaurant!!

Joining an industry as a newbie has advantages, you come at it from a different perspective. I was immediately surprised at the lack of tools available. Restaurant and Pub Operators need systems to manage Sales, Staff, and Product. Commercial tools are expensive, complicated, and time consuming. As a result, most Food and Beverage operations create home made solutions using Excel spreadsheets. Given my Engineering background and software skills, that was not a solution I was prepared to accept.

Over five years I built great tools to help me successfully operate two busy restaurants. I also fell in love with the Food & Beverage business. I came to realize that I’d have more impact on the industry if I focused on the software, so I sold the restaurants to develop the system full time.

Help Restaurants

Running a restaurant or pub is a rewarding experience, but it’s a tough gig, hours are long and margins are tight. DarkBlack was built on a passion to help Restaurant operators. DarkBlack is a simple, comprehensive ecosystem of on-line tools allowing Food and Beverage Operators to manage their business in less time with better results.

DarkBlack is a proud Canadian company, based in Victoria, BC.

- Dirk Britton

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