Track Every Penny

Cash is disappearing, yet it remains a consistent element of restaurant operations. Fewer customers use it, still every day administration of a restaurant requires handling an unwieldy number of cash transactions.

  • Balance Cash Floats
  • Reconcile Staff Cash Outs
  • Collect Cash owing and Shortages (money receivable from Staff)
  • Collect and distribute Tip Outs
  • Issue Due Backs (money owed to Staff)
  • Record Other Income: eg. Bottle Deposits, Inventory Sales
  • Record Cash Purchases / Receipts
  • Make Bank Deposits or Withdrawals

The Cash that does get handled in a restaurant is thousands of small transactions. A restaurant with 10 serving staff will have more than 10,000 cash exchanges a year that involve every staff member. Lots of cash movement, all tracked with sticky notes and a home grown Excel solution. It frustrates Staff and takes too much of a Manager’s time and energy!

DarkBlack manages cash transactions as part of the process. The system collects shortages, manages cash pay outs to Staff or the “Tip Jar”, monitors Petty Cash and float balances, and automatically reports everything to Bookkeeping. Let us help you manage cash easily and precisely, and spend less time doing it.

Manage Cash