Save Time

Running a successful restaurant is hard work, it’s a thousand details, and you don’t do it because you love spreadsheets. Let us handle that for you, because you have other things to do. Spend less time in the office!

The DarkBlack System manages the daily “Cash Out” simply, quickly, and precisely. It takes less than 2 minutes for Staff to Cash Out, errors disappear, less cash is exchanged, it is tracked to the penny, and automatically reported to Bookkeeping. All of those benefits and the process is completed in 15 - 30 minutes, from a more typical 45-90 minutes. Better results, less effort.

DarkBlack has enabled our managers to spend more time on the floor and less time in the office at the end of the night.

Jason, Owner / Manager
The Keg

Items we remove from your To Do List:

  • Tracking and collecting shortages
  • Communicating with Staff regarding Cash Out errors
  • Calculating and managing Tip Outs
  • Tracking Due Backs (cash owing to Staff)
  • Reporting to Bookkeeping

Let Us Do That