Stop managing cash with sticky notes and spreadsheets. DarkBlack automatically tracks cash transactions, collects past shortages, manages cash pay outs to Staff or the “Tip Jar”, monitors petty cash and float balances, and automatically reports everything to Bookkeeping.

Staff love being able to check their account online and feel confident that their cashout is correct once hitting ‘done’!

Jason, Owner / Manager
The Keg

DarkBlack gives Staff a simple tool on their phones to Cash Out, reducing errors and improving accuracy.  When mistakes do happen the key is finding and correcting them efficiently. DarkBlack analyses the numbers to help Managers troubleshoot problems and quickly reconcile the day.

Simplify Staff relations and eliminate conversations about shortages and cash out errors. DarkBlack emails a Cash Out receipt to Staff, and keeps a complete record of all Cash Outs and exchanges of cash. Staff are notified if they have been issued a cash Pay Out, or if a Manager corrected an error on their Cash Out, and what changes were made.

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