Restaurant Management System

Running a restaurant is hard work.
You don’t do it because you love Excel spreadsheets.
Let us handle that, you have other things to do.

Cash Out is done every day. Dozens of individuals gather reports, fill out forms, and apply their math skills. It’s a rare day it all goes perfectly, and even when it does, it’s involved and time consuming.


DarkBlack has been great for trouble shooting mistakes. It walks you through the cash process so simply that training someone on it takes no time at all. Great piece of technology!

Jamie, Managing Partner
State & Main

A successful restaurant is a million details. Replace your Excel sheets with modern software tools. All the things you do now, but quicker with better results. Spend less time in the office!

Save Time!

We LOVE DarkBlack! DarkBlack saves us 30 - 45 minutes a day! That's 3.5 hours a week you could be spending elsewhere in your business.

Krista, Managing Partner
Original Joe's

Cash is disappearing! Fewer customers use it, yet administration of a restaurant requires handling an unwieldy number of cash transactions every day. Special procedures, lots of cash movement, all tracked with sticky notes and a home grown Excel solution. It frustrates Staff and takes too much Manager time and energy!

Track every penny!