Most systems are designed for the people at the top of an organization. They don’t help the people at the bottom, the ones doing all the work. In fact, management systems usually add to the work load of those base level employees. The resulting system is hated by everyone working in the trenches because it doesn’t help them, it adds to their already busy day.

We design software from the bottom of an organization upwards. Our objective is to help people do the work. What managers at the top of an organization want to know must be a result of the activities being done by the people working at the bottom. If you help people do the day to day work, you inevitably help the organization as a whole.

The added benefit of this philosophy is that the people at the bottom of an organizational pyramid cost less than those on top. Why pay a premium to have administrative or management staff enter data when minimum wage employees can do it? Providing quality tools to staff can simplify a task, which reduces errors, and that makes the jobs of costly staff easier, like managers, bookkeepers, and owners.

We build data driven web applications, like BlackFox.