DarkBlack Endeavour Inc. is operated by Dirk and Michelle Britton. We, in cooperation with our consultants, contractors, and clients, build software applications, provide bookkeeping services, and consult on technical and construction projects.

Michelle is an Accountant with an MBA in finance. She has extensive experience as a senior independent management consultant in the public sector and with complex financial system implementations. She specializes in project management, business analysis, and management of technical and functional teams. She and her team also run our busy bookkeeping division.
Michelle likes it when things add up.

Dirk is a Civil Engineer with experience managing projects in commercial construction, environmental contamination, and software design; and an Entrepreneur with five years experience designing, developing, and marketing restaurant operation software as a service.
Dirk likes to build things.

Dirk & Michelle also have five years experience owning and operating two profitable full-service restaurants generating $16 million in revenue.